Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rick Newsome

I have been interested in storyboard art for many years. Rick Newsome has done storyboards for films such as Titanic, Spiderman 3, and Tim Burtan's Alice in Wonderland. Looking at his storyboards there is always this wonderful attention to detail that really catches my eye; what is very interesting about his detail is that he has enough that can allow whoever is viewing it to know what it is and what is going on, but they are not overwhelmed. I came upon this man's work when I was doing a career project in high school and it completely changed what I wanted to do. Looking at the work he does a great job of communicating what is on the script into his pieces. What I find very intriguing about this is there is no need to use color just the shades of gray to tell the story. If you are interested in other movies that he has done go to and there is a whole list of what he has worked on.

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