Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bolt Cougher by Jhonen Vasquez

For this week I decided to choose an illustration by my favorite artist Jhonen Vasquez. I have been a fan of Jhonen’s work for many years, starting with his first comic series “Johnny the Homicidal Manic.” Many of you probably know his animated series called “Invader Zim” that premiered on Nickelodeon about 10 years ago. I chose this particular image, “Bolt Cougher”, because it is one of his more recent pieces. I really enjoy this piece, as well as his many others, because he has such a bizarre and unique art style that has constantly evolved throughout the years. It’s like with every picture that he draws, the crazier and more stylized it gets. What I love about this picture is the color scheme. The red is very striking in this piece and it makes your eyes move down the blue page. Another thing about this picture that I love is his use of heavy, bold outlines around the characters, something that I do most of the time in my drawings. As a fan of his work, I am heavily influenced by his style; almost every picture I do contains some influence of his.

Jhonen Vasquez -

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  1. I used to be really into Invader Zim, I however never took a liking to anything else Vasquez has done. I do like his style though, his characters are always fun to look at. The limited color-palette definitely makes this image more striking. The characters are very dramatic too, he's always (or at least a lot of the time) depicting something in anguish in seems