Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Daniel Danger

The illustrator/printmaker Daniel Danger has been repeatedly popping up on art and illustration blogs over the last year or so. Based in New England, he is well known for his screen-printed works and posters. They're often used for music and art festivals or by musicians such as Silversun Pickups, Modest Mouse, and The Decemberists. His works typically evoke dark but nostalgic feelings. Danger's scenes tend to come from a very "used" space; worn roads, abandoned houses, and neglected railroads. The figures in the works are sparse, and often don't feel attached to the landscape. Sometimes this is intentional and obvious, and other times it leaves the viewer guessing whether or not the figure's feet are touching the ground.

More work can be viewed at


  1. Sorry the link didn't appear. Here it is --

  2. I really like this piece. It looks like it could be concept art for a film. The loose style and dark tones create a very mysterious feeling. I'm suprised I don't notice the same artist made album art for those bands, especially since I've got a few of those albums.

  3. This is great,the lighting and little details really capture the feeling of a particular time and place.