Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tom Richmon Week:4

Tom Richmond is an American illustrator working today. Most of you may know him from his work with MAD Magazine. He started working there in 2000, and is a major contributor today. He does a lot of parody illustrations off of TV shows and movies. I like the way he works a lot because he specialized in caricature and he can really find a way to make fun of something. You can even like the show or movie, and still laugh at it. He use traditional media to layout his artwork, and then colors it in on Photoshop. He also uses watercolor and airbrush with his caricature work. I really admire comedy artist like Tom, because its what I try to do with most of my own work. This image is from the movie School of Rock. The movie was ok (not my favorite Jack Black movie) but I think the artwork represents his work pretty well. When he works he leaves the speech bubbles blank and the editors and writers fill them in. He’s an awesome comedy illustrator.

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