Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hi Floyd O.L.J. Butler here. I have been a fan of Joe Quesada since the early or mid-nineties. I was even fortunate to meet him once or twice in the end of the first 2000 decade! This cover of Ninjak #3 is from Valiant Comics was printed in April of 1994. Ash is my favorite character he ever created, but this cover of Ninjak is one of his earliest work, that is very well done and captures some of his style that you see in his later works. The first thing I think is so amazing about this picture is the detail in the background, that really pops out from behind the main figure. It almost looks like that in the outside of the circle, in which Ninjak and the Herorin are in, the outside looks like detail of a leaves veins. As you work your way into the blue circle, you see a glimpse of arrows in some kind of circle pattern, that repeats around the array. We then zoom in on are hero, with one of his swords stuck in the cliff. His belt us blowing into the heroin hair, that is decorated with jewels and leaves. What a great attention to detail this picture has!

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  1. I am deeeeeply ambivalent towards Mr. Quesada, mostly because of the man's history with Marvel, a company so steeped in creative decay that is the superhero genre it's not even funny anymore.

    That being said, the image above IS pulling most of the right strings for me, except that it's not a typical Quesada image - more of a typical Art Nouveau image. Quesada art is usually more... flashy-over-the-top-in-your-face kind of arrangement. Sorry to say.