Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mitch Clem

Mitch Clem is considered the punk music cartoonist. The above image is from his album art work for the Under the Influence collection, a collection of 7"s with cover songs of such famous artists as Devo, Pixies, Bruce Springsteen, Cat Stevens, etc. The album I tagged with this post is a cover of Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues by the band Cobra Skulls. The cover is a reference to the Dylan album "Bringing It All Back Home" but with hints of Cobra Skulls added to it. Mitch Clem is best known for his online comics "Nothing Nice to Say" and "My Stupid Life". Both are hilarious, and the art is well done. Besides the albums and comics, Clem is also known for his work with the zine Razorcake, and his flyer work for punk shows. Ever since he started, Mitch Clem's work has become better with every comic, flyer, or album cover he's created. And his work has become a hilarious part of the punk music genre.

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  1. I enjoy this work. I like the light-hearted touch to the skeleton, even with the punk theme. The rounded figures and background makes it look cartoony but it is a perfect fit I think.