Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Charlie Wen design of Kratos in "God of War"

The game "God of War" is about about Kratos, the little guy who is ripping off the cyclopes eye, who gave Greek Mythology a new twist to it. Charlie Wen the creator and digital director created these amazing digital illustrative paintings. His work in designing God of War illustration really gives off this illuminating sense of power and raw emotion to grip the viewers eyes by applying this paint like effect to give off a kind of historical personality, of course its not a true history. In his drawings he used colossal character vs regular sized figure to enhance that epic sight. The color scheme of blue and red really bring out a balance and aesthetic appeal and creates a good vs bad situation in the picture in like a story. In a way overall its really a beautiful illustration showing power in which Charlie Wen was trying to portray for the viewer to see and also to the game is the essence of Kratos strength, which in this picture clearly shows.

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  1. The mixed lighting adds so much drama to the piece. It's interesting to see motion blur in an illustration. It makes me think of video or photography.