Sunday, February 13, 2011

Creepy by Rk Post

Rk Post is another one of my favorite fantasy artists. He does a lot of illustrations for a card game I play called Magic the Gathering; his work is featured on over a dozen cards. The piece I have chosen called “Creepy” I had to browse his gallery for, as I wanted to feature an illustration I haven’t seen before. I love Rk post his attention to the human figure and his intensity for detail. His illustrations can often tell a story of their own. I love “Creepy” for the dark central female figure. The black of her helm and saturated red of her armor make a stark, but powerful contrast to the rather mundane grey background. I do not know the exact size of this piece, but a lot of his work is only around 11x14 inches and is oil on masonite. To see that incredible amount of detail is such a small oil painting blows my mind, and it gives me a lot of respect for Rk Post. The story this illustration interests me as well. The woman appears to be being devoured and in her hands she holds what looks to be a bomb with 1 second left. Her soulless blank stare may be a reflection on how she feels about her sacrifice. I’m not sure what this illustration was created for, but it tells an intriguingly gruesome story.


  1. I think the costume design on this piece is really cool, especially the headgear. It looks like something I want to make, to figure out how it sits and how all the parts balance. It looks really cool. I also like how the creepy claws mimic the shape of the headgear, bringing unity into the piece. I'm bothered by the girl's bulldog jowls under her lower lip, like the rest of her is so cool and hot and well designed but her face is pretty ugly. But I guess to each their own, this piece is pretty awesome.

  2. I love this overall composition. It is very dark and unnerving. It is quite original. I love her stance, it seems very alert and dominate which creates that weird, creepy feeling you have when you see it. The skulls and the odd leg claw things are a nice touch. It was a creative idea so there wouldn't be that empty, gray space.

  3. I really like the imagery and the narrative. Post chose his colors well because it would be easy to loose the values with limited, muted colors such as these. Yet he was able to make the female figure "pop" with the colors as well as the clean edges. I noticed she has a wound in her abdomen with what looks like cables inside which I find interesting. Makes me believe she's an android which changed he narative a little for me.