Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This image is a part of a series of paintings depicting post-apocolyptic Tokyo. Most of them depict more naturalistic outcomes, but I like this one for being inexplicable. I love how it takes a familiar franchise and a familiar product and manifests their more ominous implications in this invented landscape. All the small touches in the McDonalds-- the shatered glass, the torn fabric, hint at what came before this scene, though you can't even imagine anything remotely plausible. The giant stony french fries are repeated over and over to create waves and mountains and the sculptural quality of these forms is emphasized by their shadows.

I also love the bleak, muted color profile, and the emotive brushstrokes which make up the clouds and the sky. I don't really understand the red tones in front of the restaurant, to be honest. I wonder if they're meant to be reflections of the red of the fabric.

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  1. I think this is a great illustration. It is humorous and well constructed. I almost always enjoy the absurd and apocalyptic themes. The McDonalds company should hire him for their next advertising campaigns. They could be a little more honest don't you think?