Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I cleaned up the lines and inked them, and fixed a few things that were bothering me with the anatomy. I also tried to make the girl look a bit more scowlly.


Finals are the worst I am piled up with papers all over my desk... I usually am pretty good with pacing myself so I don't end up with this kind of situation but for me this is the worst day ever...


Here is my refined illustration. It features the three headed cerebus woman. I have yet to add the people awaiting judgement :)

Henry Warren Best Day Cont.

Re-Do: Best Friday the 13th Ever

So I decided to start this whole assignment over. Why? Well, ultimately, I didn't exactly like the previous idea I had, felt it was way too melodramatic, and I can't help but feel I might have misunderstood what the criteria for the subject material was, but anyway...

So this is a sketched idea of what I envision my best day ever... Namely Friday, May thirteenth, twenty-eleven. The last day of this semester. I'd think this sentiment could be rather well reciprocated. So far I'll I have is just this humorous image of me lying down on my artist's table, blissfully asleep, and so far that's about it. Pretty simple really. It might be a bit boring, but I'd rather go for some sort of simple message rather than tackle something huge and outlandish. Though I'd open to suggestions on what I could do to exaggerate this subject.

Best Day

I haven't had a lot of time to do more on this but I did clean it up a bit and added more in the background.

Best Day Ever: mE iN THe WoRLD oF KinGdoM HeARts

For this sketch I changed the whole composition. I didn't like how it was arranged, so I decided to opt. for this. I love movement in Illustrations. I'm a big fan of animation, so I try to incorporate that in my work. I tried to white it up in photoshop just to make it a little more visible. The final of course will most likely be this same illustration just with more color, detail and some added characters (if I have the time).

So basically all of the characters will be on this Island from the Video Game called Destiny Island. There are lots of trees and forest and such, with man made houses, etc. The characters will be battleing on the beach with an upper level of the Island above them.

Slightly refined best/worst day sketch

*Sigh*. I wish I was asleep as opposed to working on this illustration. Tightened up the lines, added more value, changed the time format into more recognizable AM/PM format and, by extension, gave imaginary myself two extra hours of sleep.

This is my new image of the perfect day for me. My last picture was about snowboarding and so is this one but I am focusing on completing a rodeo flip and free riding on the bottom of the page. Snowboarding alone would be a good day but landing a rodeo flip and free riding would be a great day!

Robts! Robots Everywhere!

The most I really changed was I added inking and tightened up the details. Not sure yet if I will color this digitaly or not. I would appreciate any commentary though.


This is my mostly finished draft, I still want to add some detail and clean it up though.

Tree Sitting, Book Reading, Tree Smoking, RELAXING!

So I didn't change much to this since what I uploaded last week was pretty much a finished product, in my opinion and a few others as well. But I did add a little more detail and lines to the tree and stylized the picture a little more by offsetting the color a bit. Well, what's everyone think?


The final, colored, big ol' screw you to my job, my boss, and everyone who's ever requested a medium sized latte, not so hot, no foam, with 1/2 shots, and 1% milk.

Bad Day: Part 2

I added color, and changed a few small things. I worked on the expression more, which was suggested. I think it really helped. For the final, I'll be adding a background, which will probably be dull and rainy. I also want to add some puddles and experiment with reflections in the water. :)

Pay Day Refined

Here's my refined sketch of my best day ever: PAY DAY! I've added color to get a better idea of what it's going to look like finished. Still have some work to do on it, but it's getting there.

Worst Day Second Sketch

This is the second sketch for my worst day. I was thinking of having him hold on the rock more aggressively and look more afraid. Now he just looks pissed that he's getting his leg bitten off by a Great White. I'm doing some sketches on how I want to place him, but I kinda liked him the way he is. This is close to the color scheme that I was planning on having. I didn't want any colors to really pop or anything. I think I'm going to do this in watercolor.

Worst Day Revised

This is where I am in my piece so far - still rough, but in terms of colors, it's pretty close to what I'll be going with. The composition bugs me, though - seems too closed in on the right side, where the portfolio is. Should I add some more picture space there? Tone down the black of the portfolio to something less in-your-face so it doesn't weigh your eye down so much? Both? (And yes, I do plan to make that umbrella completely messed up by the wind.)

Best Day Ever!

Rough color comp. Played with some perspective on the koala. :/

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Best Day Ever: Round dos...

I havent had much time to sit down and draw as I wish I had and I knew I had to post something so I cleaned up the lines on the bottom half a bit and added some detail (still missing the cleaned up lines for the seats and things).
I did a quick color comp of the "dream sequence" using the sketch lines just to get a feel of what kind of colors ill be using. The bottom half will be shaded using grey tones and I still need to resize the whole thing since its in an unconventional size format, ill probably make the dinosaur smaller in order to fit a more conventional format and to make my life easier when it comes to printing.

I should probably add that that right arm is gonna be the end of me...

EDIT: More of the color comp, lines still the same...

Still My Best Day

I know this is really hard to see because the light I took the picture in sucked, but I refined the figures and I think the composition is pretty well balanced. Any thoughts?

worst day

okay, so this is take two of my "worst day ever" assignment (see post below). any suggestions?

second illustration

Partial color comp for my worst day.

best/worst day rough

This is a laate rough sketch, just working through ideas. I was brainstorming, and I realised that a lot of the best/worst day scenarios were kinda materialistic, like "white people problems" and so I started thinking like, what would make an *actual* worst day: war, rape, hunger.

So through that train of thought, I created two rough sketches. The first one is a nuclear bomb going off, and basically melting the guy's face off. I'm gonna go with this concept, but rework the image completely. It'll be based off this scene from Watchmen ( ), with skeletons silhouetted by the explosion in the background, running from it.

The second sketch is actually a "best day". There are programs to give kids in Africa laptops, so I drew a wealthy white dude giving a laptop to a starving African child, and theyre both really fucking happy about it.

Best Day: Graduation

Hi all. Here's my fixed version of my best day ever. I added Columbia's media building in the back because I think it's the most recognizable and it's pretty. The building is a little far back now that I look at it, so I'll move it a bit closer. I still have yet to add the leg and all the debris in in the dust trail. I just wanted to get color down and make sure I'm on the right track before I add in detail. I think it was Joe who compared the picture to the Road Runner in the last class. I love that cartoon and decided to base my color pallet on it. The final piece will be done in flat colors, though I might leave the dust cloud transparent like it is now. Again, if you have any suggestions feel free to share. Any feedback is much appreciated.

Updated Sketch

Here's an updated sketch of my piece.  I took Vadim's advice and made the background less saturated, and Alcyone's face/neck is completely done.

Here are some closeups to show detail of Alcyone's face:

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Day in the Stacks

Here is my refined illustration... A few more hours of painting to go to finish final.

Refined Sketch

Here is my refined sketch. It's almost done, I don't really know what to add to it, but I usually hilight the hair in some way, so I might do that.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bad Day

I actually didn't realize someone else had the same bad day as me, haha. We must have been caught in the same storm :) Anyways, I have about a 2 hour commute to Columbia. On this particular day, I missed trains and buses, had a broken umbrella in the pouring rain -and to top it off- my portfolio busted open while I was standing at the corner of a street, exposing all of my hard work to the elements. It was one of those days where NOTHING was going right. I was over an hour late to class that day..

Best/Worst day ever-Andrea LeJeune

The worst day I can think of would involve too much narrative for a single illustration to cover everything, since it involves a culmination of multiple events stacked together through out an entire day, so I got to thinking about single defining moments that were great or terrible. The one that struck me as being the most interesting for a concept is the day my brother was born. I love the kid, and from an adult perspective, the day he was born was a day I'm so grateful for that I'd count it amongst the best, but I'm not certain I felt that way at the time. What's more, I'm sure that elder children everywhere can relate to just such a sentiment, making it a concept that has the potential to communicate emotionally with a wide audience.

In the sketch I've done, I tried to make the little girl the focal point of the piece, and to highlight the relationship between her and the screaming newborn, by making their faces the only two you can completely see.

Best, worst day sketch by Andrea

I think I need to move the newborn lower in the image, and work out some anatomical issues with the nurses arms, but otherwise I like the direction the sketch is going.

Rough Sketch

This is getting in rather late but this rough, rough, rough, extremely rough sketch is what I would like to try for the final illustration. I'd chosen to depict my "worst day" entry and sort of took it to a perhaps logical extreme of what that signifies. For me, this image is meant to signify what would happen if I my greatest fear came true, that I let my inherent fear and self-doubt overwhelm and cripple me, chaining me down with no chance of escape. That I would ultimately be left alone and abandoned, with no one to call my name or hold my hand, completely and utterly alone with nothing but my pain, sorrow and anger to keep me company... Neat huh?


A Brief Summary:
Waking up facedown on my keyboard (it's happened before...) because someone called to suggest that I watch a Jersey Shore marathon. My computer's fried, due to having spilled Diet Coke all up in its innards. My cat is acting out a horrible mouse pun while King Kong is attacking Chicago and people are on fire and... stuff. I hate apes.

With a Sci Fi twist!

When I was thinking of what my perfect day would be like, I was sure it wouldn't be confined to the realm of what is physically possible. If just for a single day I could have the use of a small squad of advanced helper robots, I would put them to work immediately running my errands, helping me catch up on the mountain of school work awaiting me, taking vital class notes, etc. All the while I would be free to enjoy the day without much care....Not going to lie though, most of said day would be spent asleep.

My Best Day

Here is my very rough sketch of my best day. I am relaxing at the beach and the o-zone layer is in perfect shape so I am not getting burned at all. My dog is sitting next to me enjoying a nap and he isn't running away chasing garbage, birds or another dog. I have a cooler full of drinks where the ice isn't melting and sand isn't getting stuck to everything. Best of all there is a line of cabana boys waiting to bring me treats like pina coladas surved in pineapples and coconuts and pizza and cupcakes, all of which are going to make me look even better in my bathing suit after I consume them. I am going to pay them with the 100 dollar bills that I found sitting outside of my hotel room as a birthday present from management.

My Best Day

My best day is something very simple: a day where I do nothing but relax on a couch in front of a large-screen TV and spend all day doing nothing but playing video games and eating some tasty pizza.  It doesn't even have to be me beating all of the games in the stack of games I've yet to beat, just a day where I can do nothing but be a brain-dead moron staring at the pretty lights and a gutteral sense of satisfaction as I play some multiplayer Halo-like game and just run around and kill some people.

Best Day!

My best days are when I can spend the whole day in the library! It is a quiet place where I can read, draw or work on homework. I just find a quiet corner on the floor and get lost in my imagination with my book or sketch and lose track of time and end up spending the whole day in the library. 

Best Day Ever

This is the day I became a Baha'i which for me was a big deal. I was invited by a long term friend to winter youth camp and learned about the Faith in the company of really great people. The winter camp was the most transformative moment of my life so far... The illustration depics the from my point of view (that's me in the left corner), the conversation and the moment I knew in my head that I had found my new path in life.

The greatest day of my life will be...

The day I tell my boss at the Espresso Bar to go to hell, rip off my uniform, switch the regular and decaf labels, flip the bird at everyone I see, and quit my job in a blaze of glory I've been dreaming of for the past few months. I swear, as soon as I find a new job, I'm going to figuratively burn that mother fucker to the ground. And I'll constantly go back for coffee and act like it never happened. I could go into a long, whiny, explanation as to why I hate my job (waaaah, my manager is mean!), but I won't. Everyone hates their jobs, and so do I, a lot.

Very Rough Rough

So here it is, a very rough rough of the pretty much best day ever. It would consist of an alien invasion of Las Vegas. I mean really where are we, as a nation, going to gamble away our life savings if this place gets blown up by aliens? Jersey? Hell no, not until they clean up that outbreak of guidos.

Just to make my day that much cooler I have given myself a pimped out robot that could save the day but will not. Of course the final image will be of a higher quality and not this jacked up. Hey, I may even whip out the oil paints. Probably not, but if the class wishes hard enough, or my grade is depending on it, maybe.

I was thinking what a good day would be and I thought of snowboarding! I had bought a board a K2 fatbob a couple of years ago but lost it in moving around Chicago. I thought how great it would be to go snowboarding and learn how to do some tricks and just free ride. This is me imagine what I would do if i went snowboarding.

Bad Day, Die Hard

This is my interpretation of the typical worst day ever scenario. To begin the character featured is already an unhappy person to begin but this is supposed to the the climactic action(s) that really put the icing on the cake. He is slipping on a banana peel, his umbrella broke so he is getting rained on, he is also getting splashed by a car driving through a puddle. The text is supposed to give a sort of comic tittle effect if this were to be developed into a short comic this wold be the cover. i plan to do a more refined color version with inks and washes.

Sketchy sketchy

I have chosen to do a worst day/dystopia illustration. I decided to go extreme and the basic story is that I am in Hades awaiting the judgment of cerebus (a giant three headed female creature.) I did a simple sketch as well as started to work the final. Images below. The final will be approx 16x20.

My Best Day, Tree Sitting, Tree Smoking, Book Reading

It's pretty tough for me to find time to just relax. Often I feel like I have to work in order to feel relaxed. Which doesn't really equate to relaxing exactly. I haven't had a free day in awhile where I could just sit, chill, and not worry about anything. I'm looking forward to at least having one of those days in the future. I would consider that to be the best day ever easily. Whenever it decides to get warm again outside, and if I could find a nice, quiet and secluded area. I would love to sit beneath a large tree, smoke some pot, which I haven't done in awhile, and just read and eat all day.

Best Day EVer! THe DaY KinGdom Hearts entEred my WoRld.

In my "Best Day Every" illustration I decided to fuse two worlds. The world of Kingdom Hearts ( a video game that involves companies Squae Enix and Disney) and my world. I haven't figured out everything I wanted to do but I do want some of the characters to be in very animated poses in some kind of world.

I fell in love with Kingdom hearts Freshman year of high school (its story, characters, etc.) and I have always been fasicantied with the characters stories. I felt as though I was apart of their world when I would play the game. Its story is pretty deep and captures me. I would explain it but it would take to long.

I hope for the other skecthes to capture the characters designs (Tetsuya Nomura) style along with my own and make this illustration animated even though they are still 2D pencil drawings.

A very boring best day

Having long suffered from an acute case of insomnia, as well as two equally acute, but somewhat more recent cases of morning-class-and-long-commute-osis, I've come to realize that my quote-unquote "perfect" day is so prosaic and boring that it can be described with only one word: Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
Call it lack of imagination, but catching some z's, slumbering, hitting the hay, meeting the sandman (no, not the one from Neil Gaiman's comics), taking a nap, dozing off, passing out, and/or slipping into the comfort of a coma are all foremost things on my mind. My poor fragile little mind...

Worst Day Ever

As soon as I heard about my assignment I knew immediately what I wanted to do. I commute to Columbia, and something that would really make my day pretty damn miserable is being caught in one of those windy thunderstorms on a day that I absolutely have to be here. You know, the umbrella-flipping, tearing-portfolio-out-of-your-hands kind of storm. This is a very rough, very preliminary sketch, and I need to redo a lot of things about it, but the jist is there. I'm thinking of trying a nouveau-ish style just so that I can physically portray the wind.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Best Day Ever

For my best day I'm doing a caricature of myself riding (what will be) a magical turquoise otter through a bright blue sky. Next to me will be a phenomenal koala with a rocket pack that shoots out colorful bubbles and sparkles.I'm planning on inking this illustration by hand and digitally painting it in Photoshop. I wouldn't to do a completely surrealistic scene out of my imagination, but if it ever did happen... it would be the best day ever. I drew a lot of inspiration from Ramon Perez. Someone had posted a panel from his online comic Kukuburi and I feel in love with that fanciful world he created, especially the flying orange whales.