Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Banksy is a British graffiti artist who does a lot of political and satire work. He has his own stenciling technique but he is also a painter. He is a very well known artist and what really spiked up his popularity was a documentary based around underground artists, it's called Exit Through The Gift Shop. This film features numerous artists such as Shepard Fairey, and Space Invader.

Banksy has his own distinctive style. His originality and creativity is fascinating. He creates a lot of dark but humorous pieces which he produces on city building walls, or billboards. He also puts his graffiti on stop signs or the street, anywhere creating public art. He is an anonymous artist, he hides his identity well, which is very intriguing. Even during his interview in the movie, he hid his face by putting a hoodie on and placing all the lights in a position where a huge shadow casts across his body.


  1. "Exit Through the Gift Shop" was made in 2010, he has been super popular since 2003 when he had his first gallery show in LA. He also has influenced the laws of Bristol, UK and the impact of graffiti in the UK. In his hometown the public votes to paint over a work of graffiti or if the city should keep it. He is also a leading advocate for raising graffiti to a high art status.

    People often attribute the "broken window theory" to him and his huge body of work. The theory goes something along the lines of, if some kids break a window while playing baseball and the window is not fixed soon the whole neighborhood is in shambles. Of course the details of the theory are much more specific as to how this comes about.

  2. Banksy is the MAN. another good documentary is Beautiful Losers, kinda the same type of underground art that came up into the ranks.

  3. I do like when artists hide themselves, or try to be anonymous to add an air of mystery. I am unfamliar with Banksy, but I shall check out some more of his work . Love the humor in the maid image.

  4. Banksys work always full of surprises!