Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Robert Crumb

Robert Crumb is an illustrator who is also a musician. He does a lot of comic book art and satire art. He was inducted in the Will Eisner's Comic Book Hall of Fame in 1991. Crumb was the founder of the Underground Comix and in 1970, one of his most famous comic books was called, " Keepin' on Truckin" along with helping with the illustrations for the comic book called "American Splendor" for Harvey Pekar.

His work is very sketchy, his style is messy and depressing. He draws pop culture and he also illustrates real life. He knows how to capture the essence of life in his work. His art is very interesting to look at because he has a very distinctive style. Some of his art is in just pen and ink but sometimes he adds color. The color he uses is bold and flat. He uses a lot of hatch marks to shade in his subjects which contributes to his messy and crazy style.


  1. this is awesome i love the way he captures the struggles of life in his work!!! and his sketchy style makes his work, work even better!!!

  2. The sketchy style is kinda his style, and if anything has made his work noticeable from afar. Also his style is really popular in certain groups which is what I think that an illustrator is going for ideally. You know, a good stead work flow without to much stress to change your style for the project.