Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Graeme Base

Everything on the page below starts with U. Like every page in Animalia, whatever page you are on will have everything starting with that letter.

Graeme is an Australian author and artist. He is best known for his book Animalia, which is now a children’s program on PBS. He likes to draw more then write. But, he found illustrating other people’s books frustrating. Mainly because he didn’t have the freedom to change the text to better fit the illustration. So he decided to write his own books and illustrate them. My favorite book by Graeme is “The Eleventh Hour.” In this book you get to see how much fun he has illustrating. You see the initial illustration, but when you look closer you start to see all the “hidden” stuff he’s added. Since the story is a mystery, he has hidden clues to who done it all through out the story. If you take the time you can figure out who done it without opening the clues in the sealed packed in the back of the book. Graeme Base is an intense illustrator and if you’d like to see more of his work go to http://www.graemebase.com/


  1. It's interesting how many times he lets things infringe upon the borders he draws. It's like, he knows seeing just a little bit more background wouldn't be as interesting as showing only the background that is necessary, and then showing all the objects that would otherwise go out of frame. It's great that so much absurdity and humor is present in these traditionally-rendered illustrations.

  2. I used to have this as a kid. The illustrations are wonderful. They are so detailed and I love the cover. It has a great sense of perspective and I love the boarder.