Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zso (Sarah Blake)

"Thom Yorke"

Zso is an Art Director, Illustrator, and Designer from New York. She graduated from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. She typically starts with a pencil drawing and then scans the image into photoshop, where she does highlighting and some coloring, then goes back to the physical image for painting/pen work. This back-and-forth style allows her work to have a lot of layers and depth. She also uses found textures she collects with her digital camera, from the streets of New York, such as: concrete, bricks, glass, and graffiti, which adds a realistic-photo dimension to her illustrations. When working digitally, she also takes time-lapsed screenshots during her process, and stores them so she can study them later if she feels that a work is incomplete/wrong.

A short video of her working digitally can be found at http://vimeo.com/13720897, on her Vimeo channel, where she shares more tips/work/etc.


  1. I like that she only used color in the Thom's hair, doing that is brings your eye right to him. And when you look at the piece long enough you start to see a lot more detail in the background.

  2. I really like when artists do portraits of musicians, you can usually sense the vibe of the musician. Her technique definitely allows for a lot of depth, and I think it looks great. Also, the little stylized elements add work really well with the minimal colors. I'm actually listening to Radiohead as I'm posting this, haha.

  3. This does capture Thom very well. The color situated predominately in his hair and on his face almost seems to point towards depicting his imagination.

    Furthermore, while working with found textures is fun, I feel as though a lost of artists can go a bit overboard. In this example, however, it's done nicely. The image is interesting enough that it doesn't need textures to add interest. Instead, they subtly help to support what is already present.