Wednesday, February 16, 2011

jason chan.

Jason Chan is an artist who does mostly fantasy art for book covers and game concept work. Most of his pieces are painted digitally. He has an excellent eye for detail and has a more realistic way of presenting his characters that make them all immensely interesting to look at. He also manages to set up these fantastical spaces that the characters occupy, making you feel as if you are looking through a window to a different, much more interesting world.

Most importantly, though- for me, at least- is his use of color. The palettes he uses can take his already well-crafted spaces and give them a whole new level of atmospheric mood. It's obvious that he pays extreme attention to the color schemes he works in. He also uses color in his representation of dramatic lighting in a way that makes all of his work seem as if it's glowing.


  1. I'm always a fan of fantasy art that uses people and large cats. But what really like about this piece is the attention and work on the fire and smoke. I think Rachel is right it really seems to glow and with the light in the background fading in to the dark it really does have an dark feel to it.

  2. It's really incredible how he handles three different sources of light in one painting.