Thursday, February 3, 2011

Week 2: David Cabrera "Mumorning"

This is "MUmorning" by David Cabrera. I don't know much about the artist except that he has a few character illustrations on CGPortfolio and it seems that he works in the field as a character/concept designer. Concept design is one of my passions and, though I love comics, I like to find artists who can tell a story with a single frame image. I love "MUmorning" because it's a story that just about everyone can relate to. What makes me like it even more is that it has that futuristic element to it that, if you haven't noticed from my previous post, I love!

The flying coffee machine is a character in itself as it too has a personality. It transforms what could have easily been an ordinary, even dull, narrative into something interesting; while at the same time allowing a bit of insight about the world the girl lives in and who she might be as a person. My guess would be she's a mechanic or inventor and that she made that coffee machine herself. The girl's posture and clothing tells a little bit about her too. It's amazing how Cabrera can reveal all of this using only two characters against a simple white background.


  1. I love this image: there is that futuristic element to it, but it is placed in a context that the viewer can understand. It makes it different from the usual piece of sci-fi artwork, which tends to be so out there that it's difficult to relate to... This is something I want to try out in my own work, too. Thanks for posting this!

  2. I too enjoy this piece because of the relateability, and must admit I would like to live in a futuristic, but still recongnizable world like this girl. The slumping opsture and expression work nicely to convey that heavy, drained feeling many get in the morning and having a device that brings caffiene to us can be considered a god send. I do like the design of the coffee-bot and thenlittle details that give it some character, like the faucet spout and the little, red star. The colors are nicely muted in a way that, to me, captures that everyday, morning feeling.

  3. I really like the futuristic element in this piece. The muted colors definitely help the dull mood given off by the character's body language, which like Mike said, is probably from that feeling everyone gets when they wake up: MORE SLEEP. Her eyes are closed and her overall clothing choice just really make this piece funny and something that a lot of people find themselves doing when they wake up.