Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Worst, Best Day"

best day skydiving


Snowman's worst day

Liar Liar. Gonna Die-ar



Worst Day Ever

the best day ever is

enjoying a glass of wine and cigar without a care in the world.

Best Day Ever.


The Worst Day...Interrupted by Karma!

Nike Soccer Ad-Final

Final Worst Day Ever: Car Wreck

a retail experience

final illustration. took more of a worst day look. original ink drawing layout in photoshop.

Zombie's Best Day Ever (Final)

Final..About to have the worst day ever

worst day ever.

dont trust strange monsters, even in your dreams.

best day ever

Final Project: A Chipmunk's Worst Day Ever

Final Project- Birth!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Final Illustration-Erik Lundquist

Pen & marker on paper-11"x17"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Worst Day!... Interrupted by.. Karma!

Melting Snowman

Worst, Best Day Ever

The day I ignore the call of nicotine:

I've taped on some rough sketches of what will appear in the boxes.

Best Day Eva!!

Best Day Ever

Pogo and the Worst Day Ever

Mony Bunni- Worst Day Ever

My worst day ever was a car wreck that happened to me my senior year of high school. I drew this in pen and ink and I'm going to go on Photoshop and clean it up and color it in. I'm going to exaggerate the red in the blood but I want to have all of the other colors muted.

Progress - Worst Day Ever

Ink, design marker, and water color. The idea was taking the old comic idiom of the raincloud over the character's head and making it full scale. Still going to clean it up a bit digitally. I like the wrinkles from the watercolor in the cloud, but there are some other area's which could be tighter.

Asphyxiation WIP - Worst Day Ever

This is going to be mixed media with multiple layers of paper and gouache. Textures are subject to change. I'm slightly satisfied with the wall texture, just have to get some shadow on the tub and paint details. The arm looks wonky right now because it's partially obscured, but no worries. (It's kind of hard to tell, but the other arm is clutching at her throat.)

Yay for experimentation! ... and texture studies.

Best Day Ever, Dream-style.

This best day ever is a dream about being a martian and swinging from the moon. I'm going to go through with watercolor pencils and pick up a lot of detail in the sky aond surface of the planet!

here are a few roughs of my concept "best/worst" day ever. birth. current layout is strictly to view the images. final layout will be different.

Best Day Ever in Vegas

this is my halfway point...The poker chips are a place holder until I create some in illustrator...the final will have more details in the hand and some other various things I am working on in other files...very raw right now but still working

Zombie's Best Day Ever

Been dealing with a family emergency, so my "halfway finished" art is not even close to halfway, but I figured I'd at least post what I have so far. That's the sketch.

Here's the pencils of the fourth and last panels:

Liar Liar

These are two of my preparatory drawings. The idea is that the bunny had just lied and now his pants are on fire and he's hanging from a telephone wire. To make matters worse I plan on putting a crocodile pit under him hence the drawing of the baby crocodile. I will be putting together the finished piece in Adobe Illustrator.

(my pictures wouldn't upload properly so here are links)

Nike Soccer- Best Night Ever

*EDIT* Okay, so my original thought was to make a full page comic book style ad for Nike displaying their new USA Men's National Team uniforms. However, as I look at it online, I think I'm just going to scrap all text completely except the slogan at the bottom, and use the same images but arranged slightly different. Vector photorealism made in Illustrator.

Halfway point-worst day ever

Walking on thin ice. Pen and pencil on paper and then adding color digitally.

Chipmunk's Worst Day Ever

"A Chipmunk's Worst Day Ever"-halfway finished. So far I've painted this in watercolor. I still need to go over some areas in watercolor, ink and probably colored pencil, and add the rain.

Teeth Strike

Halfway point, Digital comic done in Paint Tool SAI
Still needs to be done: Clean up/redraw person, try to make style more consistent.

Worst Day Ever and Best Day Ever

painting in photoshop

Laura Uhl: WDE

WIP: Worst Day Ever. Photoshop over traditional sketch.
Halfway point-perfect day/place.pen on paper