Monday, February 28, 2011

Henry Warren Week.5

Here is another favorite artist of mine Nimit Malavia. To the top is a piece called A Gifted Storyteller. I think that the both the symbolism and the visual appeal of the piece are just beautiful. The treatment to the man's face making him very dark and kind of demonic yet softly whispering into the ear of the girl, telling her lies. I thought that the soft embrace of the two was nice and it allows the artist to tell more of the story by showing the ring finger of both people and only the man has a ring. I really like the play between the visual symbolism of the flowers/ bee and the snake, making his words like honeyed poison.

The other piece, to the bottom, is called Red Snow and is another favorite of mine. I like the play between the little girl and the wolf, the wolf being the victim in the this case, because in a lot of stories it is the wolf that is demonized and considered the villain. I an also very attracted to the background where the trees make the picture feel like a snowy white prison. The girl also has on what a white dress that reminds me of a insane asylum/ hospital dress.

Both pictures are rendered digitally and use a lot of different imagery and emotion to give a lot of information to the viewer.


  1. I like the flow parts of this artist's pictures, like the girl's grey skirt folding near her knee and ankle, and the flowers growing behind the girl's head in the couple piece. I also like the ink and color treatments, the shading is separated by obvious lines instead of gradual blending, and shadows and highlights and very well defined. Great choice!

  2. I think that flat out the title "red snow"is pretty powerful on its own. Of the two it caught my eye the most. It looks like there is something more than just digital debauchery, is this true?