Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sonny Kay

SONNY KAY is more a graphic designer than an illustrator in the more conventional sense of each field. Some of his work is focused on less direct photo-elements and of a more painterly, illustrative style integrating the 2. Aside from this pieces initial enticing effect on the viewer as you look closer the detail is completely consistent. His color choice is what in my mind is most fitting and incredible it becomes quite difficult to select such a consistent palate in a digital medium. Aside from the killer design the album is just as interesting definitely worth a listen for any person fond of progressive music. Sonny Kay has done the design work for 18 albums just for Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and has done work for other groups recently such as RX-Bandits. Aside from the abundance of album art he has done he also has a large online gallery of other works at

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