Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Floyd O.L.J. Butler here. Today were looking at a cover of Batman The artist is the well known comic book extraordinaire, Jim Lee. He is well know for his X-Men comic books in the early nineties but this cover of Batman, that is done in August of 2003. This is part of the "Hush" Batman series. What I like about this picture is the anatomically correct Batman figure with good proportion. Also look at the detail of his battle torn Bat outfit. His cape is cut, and above his biceps by his his shoulder is torn. Batman nose is even bleeding! Batman is engulfed by flames so he cant retreat, then all you can see is the is the hand of someone else (Ra's al Ghul's) that he is fighting. Also look at Batman's face, his small pupils, the grit grin at his teeth, he looks determine to win. If you want to see more of Jim Lee works, you can check out X-Men, Batman Hush series and All Star Batman.

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