Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week 3- Linn Olofsdotter

I found Linn Olofsdotter doing a very vague google search for something totally unrelated. This was the first piece I found, but Linn is really a VERY versatile illustrator who does portraits and product design. She has done T-shirt designs, building murals, album covers, and her own personal illustrations, which really goes to show how versatile an artist can be, and gives me some hope for the future of artists.

I loved this piece in particular because of the way the mixed media worked together. The background looks (although it may or may not be) like watercolor, kind of muddled and translucent. Then, the stems and outlines of the flower shapes is like black sumi ink, heavy with line variation and splatters where the line ends. The sprays and drips give life and motion to the piece, and lead your eye around the piece the way they should. Then, the colors in the flowers are bright and solid, contrasting the dappled background and the thick, dark ink lines. The flower colors look almost digital, they are so crisp and bright. There is also so much line work going on inside the flowers, separating them up into different segments, with each section colored differently. It is a fabulous combination of colors and mediums, and I really enjoyed it and the artists' other works. Such variety is really inspiring!



  1. I love the color in this piece. The mixed media definitely works well and is very interesting. I love the drips. That is my favorite part, they are so messy and stylized. The little color in the flowers is very creative. It works well with the piece. It would have been very dull and dry if the artist didn't decide to add a little color in the flowers.

  2. great piece! the dark gritty design really pops out at the viewer. what really caught my attention to this piece was its gradient and shadowing illustration skills. makes it really boldly pop out.

  3. I love the layers of this work. There are a lot of interesting textures but they all seem to work well together. I love it when I find things like this in random searches!