Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bruce Timm

I chose Bruce Timm and this particular example because the man has been a personal idol of mine for several years now and is arguably one of the reasons why I even chose to go itno illustration in the first place. Timm has done for Batman and to some extent the animated genre what few other could and pushed it into a darker more mature direction. His style eliminates unecessary line and brings down figures to their bare essentials in order to maximize fluidity and motion, as well as cut costs when it comes to animation, but without sacrificing character and still bringing a wealth of detail into his work.
His abgular and minimalistic style is reminiscent of art deco architecture and it can be seen throughout his work and in his art direction for something like Batman The Animated Series.


  1. I always enjoyed watching Batman: the Animated Series as a kid. The art style always caught my eye and I felt it helped enhance the story they were trying to tell.

  2. Batman: TAS was a great show; I used to watch it everyday when there was still Fox Kids. As Ron G. said the art style in that show was unique and very much added to stories and the portrayal of Gotham City, a gritty city with an abundance of criminals.