Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lone Wolf and Cub

Floyd O.L.J. Butler here. This is a picture of Ogami Ittto, a formidable warrior and a master of the surio-ryu sword manship. Better know as "Lone Wolf", and his son "Cub" that travels with him, as he is a hired assassin. The art work is done by the late Goseki Kojma that action scene, as in this one, are very well done. I like how he zooms in on the sword, as it is begin cut through Lone Wolf opponent. Goseki spares no detail in the reaction of the sword, and the falling backward of the opponent of Lone Wolf. I also like the heroic stand of Lone Wolf, as he delivers the final fatal blow. Beside the dynamic action sequence, Goseki helps to make you feel that the action is up close and personal, depending on the angles he use. This picture is take from Lone Wolf and Cub volume 6 "Lanterns For the Dead". Printed from Dark Horse Comics Manga. If you like manga art with a Western style, an good story telling , then pick up Lone Wolf and Cub on your next trip to the comic book store!

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  1. I love this series!!! The line work is so great. It also really uses positive and negative extremely well. But over all I love how emotional each panel is made. Ogami Ittto really knows how to capture the essence of the story and draw the reader in.