Tuesday, February 15, 2011

'Let Dreams Come' by Emilia

I found this while surfing the wed. I am a big fan of fantasy illustration. The hair looks as if it has a life of its own and you have birds and fish swimming/flying in the same space. And I love all the details Emilia put in this like with the fish scales and the faucet. The bit of red in the skin is a very nice touch as well. All of the warm colors and amazing lighting creates such a divine mood. Everything just breathes magic. Like the figure in the picture, the viewer gets carried away in the imagination of the art.



  1. I love fantasy art too and I was instantly drawn to this piece for the bright colors and the creatures flying around the woman. It forced me to look at the whole picture to figure out what was going on. For a moment I thought the woman was under water because of the fish, her hair, and the particals floating sunrays. Then I noticed the birds, bunnies, and the water in the tub. I like how this makes me think in circles just like how it guides my eyes in a circle looking at it.

  2. just an amazing design! I love her skills in digital painting this piece is amazing. The soothing vivid colors that totally work together to give off this relaxing visual appeal.

  3. This piece is breathtaking, really. When I look at her, it really seems as if she's floating. The nature all around her screams life and really puts her in a serene scene. The lighting adds that extra bit of surrealism that just makes this piece amazing.