Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week2: McBess

Matthew Bessudo is a French illustrator that lives in London. He goes by the name McBess and most of his stuff is illustration/graphic design but he also does directing and animation. I can’t remember exactly how I heard about him, but his work is amazing. His work is mainly black and white using pens, and some sort of paint pens I think. He does use color, but very limited and almost sepia tones. In my opinion his work doesn’t need any color because his style is so raw, and shows his personality a lot. He’s got like an old comic book style with a lot of creepiness to it, but you can totally see the rock and roll in it, which is awesome. It makes sense because he’s in a band called The Dead Pirates. I love it when I see an illustration that is really interesting and makes me think about why the artist put certain things into the piece. I love to see the artist personality and things that make them who they are into their work. I think it makes the work ten times better when the artist is doing something they want to do rather than something an art director wants. It really comes though in his work, it makes it really successful.

His website



  1. i really like this guy, he packs so much into each piece!

  2. This piece is very interesting. I like the very country mountain radio DJ vibe. It's very interesting that a French man produced something so iconically Americana. This artist definitely has a good eye for the use of positive and negative... so, agree he can get away with not using a lot of color in his works.

  3. I'm always drawn to black and white compositions. I love ink, and the style he has is great. It's interesting that you mentioned he's in a band, because before I read that I thought this piece had a real musical vibe to it. I think the figure and interesting type made me think of a band poster.

  4. I love how detailed this is, all the words and symbols make it both visually interesting and sort of mysterious.