Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Natlia Ninomiya

I went through a children's book phase this week. This image is done by the artist Natalia Ninomiya. It's simplicity and content is what drew me towards this image. I like characters that are developed out of large broad shapes, the boys head being ovally shaped, and the parent blob looks like an oversized kidney. The texture to this piece is also very pleasing. You can clearly see the fluid long brush strokes throughout the whole painting. All except for the kidney parent who is decorated with a heavy grain-like texture, making it feel like the only “real” physical thing in the image. There is lack of attention to perspective, the frames are all uneven, there are hardly any straight lines at all. This creates a lax, carefree air to the image. Also, obviously the only color used is red. What the image is trying to communicate, however, is sort of unclear. The parent kidney looks upset, but you don't know exactly why. Maybe the kid fell asleep half-way through the bedtime story. Though the image is very childlike and simplistic, the use of objects and attention to certain aspects of detail create a complete, finished product.


  1. Personally, I really like the "childlike" style that she uses. It's hard to get away with that kind of style without the artist looking like they can't draw/don't have talent. This artist clearly does have talent, but it is showcased in a very developed but simplistic style.

    I love the pictures framed on the wall behind them, it really adds to the whole story of the picture.

  2. There is subtle humor behind this piece and I like it a lot. I like how you labeled the parent a "kidney", I mean, that's quite accurate. It seems as if the artist has captured the moment in which the child just fell asleep and the parent put the book down to realize it. The overall color choice of different shades of red is rather interesting, but it works.