Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Roman Dirge

Roman Dirge, born 1972, is an artist, illustrator, author, and animator. He is also close friends with Jhonen Vasquez (another favorite artist of mine) and worked with him on the animated series Invader ZIM. Roman Dirge has been one of my favorite artists for years now, and my favorite creation is Lenore, the cute little dead girl. I have the complete collection of the Lenore comics, and some other memorabilia with Dirge’s artwork on it. Dirge’s twisted sense of humor makes me laugh and his bizarre characters are great. The works I have feature are all from his Lenore series. Dirge’s exaggeration of the face and eyes make his characters so expressive. His bold line style makes even his black and white works have depth. When he does work in color, is palette is often limited with muted colors, but I think that adds to the overall aesthetic of the illustration. Its Dirges unique style and sense of humor that really makes me look up to him. His quirky oddball characters, like Lenore, are loveable and unforgettable.


  1. I love Roman Dirge and was thinking about posting him too. Yay another fan! Dirge's style stands out. i can instantly tell when something was done by him just like I can with Jhonen Vasquez. I've never seen a cuter group of dead and morbib characters then Dirge's and they are down right funny.

  2. I enjoy the humor put into all of the pieces. But the last one is my favorite; the girl sitting in the middle having all of the animal heads framing her own head makes me giggle.