Wednesday, February 9, 2011

M.C. Escher

8 heads is one of my favorite tessellations by M.C. Escher his attention to detail is very finely tuned. The patten is repeated 4 times but fits together so tightly that it keeps the eye wandering around the page in an almost figure eight pattern trying to figure out how each face fits into the features of the next. If just looking at this isn't confusing enough to figure out this is a woodcut therefore when it is printed it is the mirror image, meaning he had to draw all of this backwards. Escher was a master of patterns and tesselations with work spanning over forty years, his remarkable control over contrast and his use of interlocking shapes is unmatched . Woodcut prints aren't the easiest medium to get fine reflected detail and this clean of line work, wood splinters and the process of removing it from the block is very different than drawing with a pen.

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