Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Henry Warren Week.4

Well of course one of my favorites, Frank Frazetta. This piece is called the Silver Warrior. I always love the simple beauty of Frazetta's work. I thing that the heavy shadow and on his characters always gives this ominous feeling of dark mystery. He has an incredible attention to detail especial for an oil painting (at least I always have trouble with that much detail). I think he must use a lot of references because is animals look so realist. I also think I am attracted to his juxtaposition of posturing figures in motion combined with a heavy sense of emotion. I think there is a lot of simplicity to this back ground, which I think Frazetta often plays with, pulling in and out of detail. The one thing that has always troubled me about this piece though is that I am not sure if the white shape in the top of the picture is a cloud or a mountain, maybe its a cloud-mountain.

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  1. Are the polar bears pulling the sled? I love the warrior's hair and how it kind of blends into the sword, it's almost like it's a part of him. The way the polar bears lead into the sled, then the man, then the sword, then the mountain/cloud really leads your eye through the piece well. It's a very cool picture.