Wednesday, February 16, 2011


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This psychedelic piece has so much going on it makes my head spin. Yet, despite its complexity, it manages to be unified by its undulating lines and color scheme of day-glo tones against a black background. This piece is absolutely sumptuous. There's so much gorgeous detail, such as the texture of the hair, the lace of the boots, the roots of the flower, and the strawberry texture of the tentacles. It's also really damn disturbing. On full display is a fascination with bodily fluids (blood from the teddy bear and a mysterious yellow liquid) in addition to an unrestrained sensuality. The color red is repeated often, and the tentacle's gesture towards the flower is not very difficult to interpret. And of course, there's the angel's (devil's?) pose. I'm guessing that the brutalized teddy bear is supposed to be a stand-in for the (mostly male?) audience, which is an interesting decision. The glowing, nebulous blot in the background and the use of some purely 2d graphical elements really jump out at me as a sort of break-down in the reality created by Manglo.

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