Thursday, February 17, 2011

Week 2 Blog Post

This painting was made by Jaine Zollars. I like the Little Red Riding Hood theme. The way the girl is wearing red and how it emphasizes her in contrast to the muted background is nice. I also like the black trees in the foreground and how they divide the canvas. The light colored leaves are interesting, considering that winter usually turns the leaves brown, and these leaves turned so light colored. Between the white sky and the light leaves, this illustration certainly captures the dreary feeling that winter brings along with it.  

I found this image in Drawing Inspiration: Visual Artists at work, which is a 368 page art book. I rarely take time to look in art books, given the immediacy of the internet and how vast the internet’s art selection is. Therefore, this is the first art book I’ve looked at in a while, and I found I enjoyed it. This is also one of the rare looks I’ve had into a broader range of modern art that wasn’t Anime or Manga related. But looking in the book, much of it is either inspired by western animation, Japanese animation, or realism. I found that somehow disappointing, and in the future will probably try to look for art that doesn’t fit into these three categories.   

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