Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Know your monsters

I am not sure who this illustration is from, but I can not help but admire the amusing concept behind it. This particular beast featured here is Anguiras from the Godzilla film franchise. I like the way that the practice of making medical illustrations was applied to something not only non-human, but fictional as well. Though I can not read Japanese, all the labeled parts and the details in the illustration lend to a bit of a realistic field, like "What if this thing really was lumbering around? What makes it tick?" I also rather like the limited coloring, with the red helping to make certain areas stand out from the otherwise black and white illustration. Just thought this was an overall fun little piece to look at.


  1. The slight color to extenuate parts is pretty awesome and adds just enough pop. What I really want to know is if I can get my hands on a Mothra illustration in the same style. That would pretty much make my day.

  2. The humorous concept behind this piece makes me wish that I could read what it said. I feel like this could almost be geared towards children because the external appearance would be too scary but when you look at the inside of the monster and see that is just bones, etc. it wouldn't seem as frightening to a child.

  3. You really have to appreciate the attention to detail in this one. The artist would have to understand anatomy (human anatomy is hard, I can't imagine how much knowledge of animal anatomy this required!) to make up what you might find inside a fictional beast! I'm actually kinda curious as to what the captions say, so I'm gonna pass this along to my roommate, who knows some Japanese and see if she can figure it out.