Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chris Sanders

Chris Sanders has been with Disney for 20 years and is mostly known for his character designs for Lilo & Stitch. He also did the voice of the Stitch. Since then he's moved on to Dreamworks where he continues art directing, as well as some illustration, writing, artist work on the side.

Given his history with Disney and I was surprised to run into his more mature illustrations such as the ones shown. The second image are three separate ones I pieced together (with a little humor). I must say I like this side of his work better. It's playful and not too raunchy. His style is easy to recognize. While his illustrations of children look a lot like Lilo, he tends to model his older female characters after island girls. They have the same slanted eyes, small waist, pouting lips, are busty and have big hips. He also makes a lot of cute, yet mischievous, animal characters. Sanders uses thick lines and solid, almost flat, color. No matter what the content is I can't help, but think of Lilo and Stitch when I look at Sanders' work. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. Either way I really enjoy his style and his work.
There's more to see on his official site. He also has a weekly web-comic that looks pretty interesting.


  1. Come to think of it, this is the same guy who did concepts and co-directed last year's How To Train Your Dragon.
    This it the style of drawing that just is just begs to be turned into animation - clean silhouettes, conservation of detail, and, of course CONSISTENCY. Good stuff.

    Also: BOOBIES!

  2. I love this artist's way of approaching the female form, the girls are so curvy and cute, and while the proportions are unrealistic everything works together really well and looks adorable (albeit, a little adult) His anatomy is really good, and I enjoy the bold outlines.

  3. I greatly enjoyed Lilo and Stitch, and have great admiration for Chris Sanders. His characters are so believable and unique. I love his fun, expressive drawing style. I browsed his online gallery and fell head over heels for a little imaginary creatures. He has such a vision for great character design.

  4. I love the style here. It just seems so fun to look at, with its cartoonish quality. It seems very expressive.