Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Matthew Laskowski

I just came across this piece on a whim, but it caught my eyes straight away. The scene is obviously inspired by the anime style and succeeds in capturing quite a mundane slice of life. Probably one most of us have witnessed and been a part of while commuting around the city. The detail and presence of the line art and the sort of simpleness of the colors give the scene a rather crisp look to everything. The use of the light, the frame of the door, and an uncommon hair color all help pull the focus on the girl stepping out. It’s just a simple, nice, but well done picture to look at overall.


  1. I love the perspective used in this piece. It's as though I'm looking through another passenger's eyes. His use of shadow is excellent and brings a lot of drama to the piece. The crisp, clean line work is awesome too!

  2. Good thing I accidentally clicked on the image - I had no idea that there was more to it than the front page displayed.

    I love this picture: detailed, but not busy, colorful, but not over-saturated, it draws just enough attention to the main figure, to show that, yes, she is the subject, yet also demonstrates that she is just a part of a bigger, living world. Less is more, indeed.

  3. The lighting in this piece is very effective and pleasing to look at. The limited tonal volume and line weight makes this image facile and easily reproduced, however.