Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tool-ink Pen Drawing

This is a tool-ink pen drawing that I found. This is a picture that was posted on sash0's website on I really like this piece because of all the details that was put in it, especially in the headpiece and the staff. The shapes and patterns in them look amazing as well. How she used hatching to shade in the picture looks really cool as well. I also really like that she didn't leave the background blank, the pattern in the background looks amazing and makes the whole piece look more complete.


  1. I think this piece is really interesting. To me it seems to be drawing inspiration from a lot of different sources: obviously the strongest being the Native American subject matter and the patterning; there is also a art nouveau feeling to the composition, which of course has being co-oped by the anime style which it also has; and lastly I can see a strong block print feel to the way the artist rendered the lines.

  2. This piece really had my eyes moving throughout it's entirety. She uses different techniques to create a unique and surprisingly cohesive piece. I enjoy the empty border she left around the image; it gives the eye a rest spot from everything that's going on in the middle. I was trying to figure out what she was drawing and then I saw the hand in the middle holding what seems to be a some staff-like object, which only confused me more. However, I still think it's a great piece.