Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Allan Burch

This is an image by Allan Burch called "Kyoto Protocol". I am drawn this this image because I like the color palette quite a bit. I like how the sky goes from dark and dreary to a brighter, lighter glow. The color scheme lends a sense of hope to the piece, particularly given the content. The movement of dark to light colors offer a literal glow. The environment is something I consider to be a huge priority so I appreciate the fact that this artist has taken the time to create a piece that lends some commentary to an environmental issue like the Kyoto Protocol. I also like the literal explanation that this piece give to that issue. It clearly communicates that idea that the Kyoto Protocol is a piece of legislation that supports regulating air pollution. I think this piece is succesful because its an interesting image, it takes on an important social issue, and it clearly communicates the concept it is illustrating.

1 comment:

  1. I really like the rendering of this piece it looks like it was done in pastels. Interesting to me is that if this was done for the Kyoto Protocol it is generic enough to appeal to all the targets of the initiative and doesn't really alienate anyone. I think the cropping is also really interesting and organic, yet simple enough to not draw too much attention away from the main message.