Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Worst Day Ever ~ WIP#2

I added line art and some color concept. I plan on changing the color on the people. I just added the colors there for sense of depth.

Final Project, best day ever?

Right: what's wrong chum?
Left: My cat died.

Right: how'd that happen?

Left: I fucked it to death.
Right: Oh.

Caption: Best day ever?

late original concept sketch for final project

This is a really rough sketch straight out of my sketchbook. I'll give you a breif script

Panel One
ACTION: We have two kids standing in the middle of nowhere. One on the left is preparing to kick a rock.

Kid on right: Hey chum whats wrong?

Kid on Left: My cat died.

Panel Two

ACTION: The kid on the left has successfully kicked a rock.

Kid on right: how?

Panel Three
ACTION: The both stand looking down at the ground frowning

Kid on left: I fucked it to death

Kid on right: oh...

Panel Four
ACTION: Both kids smile and leap towards each other for a high five as the word AWESOME bursts in the air above them.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Worst day ever

Since im super later I'm not even going to bother to post the rough and just post the 2nd product. the concept is when the monsters from your imagination become reality and feature the ever so creepy Slenderman emerging from a thought bubble and grabbing me with is disgusting stretching fingers with a big shit-eating-grin on his face.

Friday, November 25, 2011

final illustration rough (concept) sketch

I'm having a hard time coming up with a concept and design. thats why i haven't posted anything until this point. this could be fun, but I'm not 100% sold on it yet. i do however, know which style i am going to do it in.. an all gray scale marker rendering, to highlight the dramatic light and shadows, and only add color to the characters at the bottom... and in case you have no idea what this is.. as I'm sure you don't, its a power ranger illustration, where Goldar has won, destroyed the megazord, and the rangers are injured and or dying.. this is the best day for the evil villains, and the worst for the power rangers, and Earth. get it?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

best day ever--- LATE

Here is my preliminary sketch for my best day ever illustration. My best day ever would feature me in the cast of Twin Peaks. My character would probably be the "mysterious reclusive guy who doesn't say much but knows very important little details about the murder of Laura Palmer." Hopefully I'd have a part in one of Dale Cooper's dream sequences or maybe get to kiss Audrey Horne or something. Though, I'd be content just to be on the show at all...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Winter Wonderland

I'm choosing to do a good day illustration. This is only a rough sketch of what I want to do so I'm going to be adding way more stuff in my drawing. I wanted it to be like a snow day for kids, and show kids having fun in the snow instead of going to school. I plan on making it more detailed and I wanted to make it very colorful.

Brittney's Worst Day EVAR

This is my worst day ever:

All of my irrational fears come to life! AHHHH!

Irrational Fears:

- Really really buff dudes
- Getting hit on by jerks and bros
- Huge muscles
- Veins
- Veiny muscles
- Needles poking veins

In this sketch, I'm on a char surrounded by jerky, buff, veiny dudes. And one of them is shooting steroids!  Needles poking veins! Ahhh!!! And they all have really weird shaped 'packages' and that kind of creeps me out.

Best Day Ever- Sean McInerney

For my best day ever I finally find the love of my life! I'm the "small fry" and the sexy tattoo'd up cheeseburgirl is supposed to be an example of my love for food and women. The cheese burger is seen having tattoos, suggestive attire, and of course smoking a cigarette. I want that negative connotation that people usually associate with fast food to still be there. I was also thinking of adding another girl who be depicted as a soft drink to complete the "combo." The background will probably be a city street and I want food to be incorporated in the "love stare" in some way. I was thinking tacos or something would be swirling around with the hearts. I was also thinking about making the image way more suggestive but I like the playfulness this image could evoke rather than pure smut.

Javi Suarez | rough (very rough)

I couldn't quite get the composition I want, but I wanted to do the Worst Day Ever with the running dry of Oil around the globe. I wanted to depict an overdramatic, apocalyptic scene with a sea of cars in the background. It obviously will be more animated than this, but I wanted to get my elements down on paper. I might even add some riots in front of smartcars, etc etc..

- javi

worst day rough

So far I have an end-of-the-world scenario with a whole city on fire... I don't know what to include as the cause of this destruction... Aliens, Godzilla, or some destroyer god/goddess? Or perhaps the juxtaposition of fire in a tranquil valley should be enough?

Best Day Ever - Ryan Higgins

I chose to illustrate an image depicting a kids best day ever. The two children are riding on top of a giant cat who is flying in the air. I'm not sure what the background will be yet, either clouds or a birds eye view of land plots far below. I took inspiration from The Neverevemding Story.

best day ever rough

For this project I was thinking of what some of my friends best and worse days would be. I don't know exactly what my best day would be, so I just did a general idea for people our age. I ended up going with winning the lottery and then filling up the fridge with beer and alcohol. The winning lottery ticket is displayed on the freezer door, along with alphabet magnets spelling out "winner."

Worst Day Ever ~ WIP

I was having a creative block and went for the everyday school "worst day ever" where you forgot today was the exam day. DUN DUN DUN. You've been slacking off the whole time too and now you are about to bomb the test. The audience is geared toward your average teen student.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Best Night Ever Rough

For me the best night ever was seeing all the stars clearly at the North Shore. This is a really rough sketch, and I plan to make a bunch of changes including a much better, more studied perspective, different cropping so the whole figure is in the piece, more brilliant feeling stars.

Best Day Ever

The best days that I could think of were sitting on the couch, talking with my grandma, and drinking Pepsi with her. My grandma's been gone for a few years now, but those were some of the best times. I miss them. Honestly, it made sad to draw the sketch out. But so I wouldn't feel so sad, I illustrated my grandma and I as bears to lighten it up. I draw a lot of bears anyway, so it felt more appropriate and less depressing than drawing her and I as humans.