Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Robot & Doughnuts

Eric Joyner is a contemporary artist that attempts to use styles and techniques to mimic art from the 1920’s and 30’s. He makes his work seem older then it is by using the techniques that were heavily used during that time period. As artists started to experiment with their tools of choice painters started taking advantage of paints natural viscosity and how the brush stroke can be seen long after the painting is complete. Joyner has a lot of weight to his brush strokes and is not concerned about making his work as real to life as possible. However, he does work mainly in Robots and Doughnuts so realism is not hard to achieve. It is quite easy to see the gesture of the brush in every painting he does.

Joyner often illustrates freelance and occasionally for periodicals and companies. However, he tends to only publicize his personal art. He severely separates himself into two different artists, one that illustrates to earn money and another that illustrates for the joy of it. Choosing to only show his Robots and Doughnuts series to an increasing fan base. Seemingly he joyfully creates these lighthearted pieces to profit off of and realize the back of the brain dream most artists have, to get famous off of art they enjoy to make. He seems to be at this point selling prints of his work for about 500 dollars.

As his material has become more popular he seems to create more of the same. The soft, mildly chaotic and lighthearted illustrations are very all purpose. They seem to be able to go just about anywhere in a house and perhaps that is why he is making such a killing doing what he is doing. It may also explain why he is doing more of the same even after all of this time.


  1. im a total fan of not making every thing look perfect, because it will never be perfect... as long as you are satisfied doing it and when it done, then thats what matters with personal work. Doughnuts are also good too, same with robots.

  2. The technique, tone, subject, colors, and...well pretty much everything in this piece is fun to look at personally. I enjoy the retro look of the robots and the doughnuts are strangely appetizing to look at.

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