Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Henry Warren Week.2

Hey all... Here is another one of my current favorite artist, Terry Moore (not the 20s actress). Many of you probably know this artist from the popular 'Strangers in Paradise' series or from the ‘Runaways’ comics but I have especially gotten into the recent story and artwork on the self published 'Echo.' A lot of Moore's work is black and white and he simply has great line work. I think his style is overall very clean and simple but definitely dynamic. I think he is also a master of really staying in the pocket with his portrayal of character and overall story emotion. Moore also uses a lot of good perspective and since his books are usually heave with text it really helps to draw and keep audiences. Speaking of heavy text, Moore, does a great job of placing his inordinate amount of text so that it doesn’t over power the page. Another thing that I have really started to admire in this current series is the simple but effective use of the golden mean layout that he employs.

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