Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Henry Warren week.1

Hey everyone, here is one of my current favorite artist, Josh Middleton. He started his carrier in 1999 and has worked for a lot of major comic book publishers, book publishers and movie studios as a cover artist, character designer, conceptual artist, and art director. I really like his style and the emotions that he is able to convey with his diverse group of characters. Aside from that his work is above all just beautiful. I particularly love his style when it come to playing with detail, pulling back sometimes, allows images to blend together and at other times really showing off with the capture of every line. Some of my favorite pieces by Josh Middleton are:

Fables #53 – 2006

Sky between Branches #0 – 2001

NYX - 2003-2006

Superman/Shazam: First Thunder! - 2005-2006

Metamorpho and Aquaman - October 2007

As well as many covers for tons of different tiles.


  1. This is really nice work. His use of atmospheric perspective is amazing, a bit exaggerated, but it works to play off that feeling of fantasy and illusion.

  2. Good grief, if I ever get half that good, I'll die happy. His color use is breathtaking, and, yeah, great use of atmospheric perspective. It's interesting that in the top panel Middleton - or his colorist - got rid of the original line-work, but retained most of it in the second panel (look at the blades of grass).