Friday, February 4, 2011

Revelation By: Jeff Jordan

This painting by Jeff Jordan titled "Revelation is a perfect example of some of the most prevalent themes present in Jordan's design. the most common is the personification of animals and reptiles with human features or in possesion of human objects like food or in this case money and a gun. The general evil theme that comes across is partly due to the fact that this painting was commissioned by The Mars Volta for there most recent album Octahedron, along with the cover art for the last 5 albums. His ultra-realism style brings his sub-specie creatures to life in symbolic landscapes often proportionally exaggerated so that many ordinary things are much larger than normal. This surreal high conceptual design goes hand in hand with The Mars Volta's high concept albums, it is a great marriage of illustration and musical expression.This is only one work of over 100 posted on his website which displays high quality images of each piece,

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  1. I LOVE the Mars Volta, so I recognized this artist right away. However, I have always been really bothered by the woman's abdominal section, because while everything is rendered hyper realistically, some of the anatomy is wrong. I also find the figures really stiff. But, the shading and composition are quite nice. In this piece in particular, I like the green figure's expression, and the texture of the reptile.