Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yehrin Tong

I really like this piece because it really draws me in, almost as if its a puzzle and a piece of art at the same time. I think the preciseness of the patterns is amazing. Every line is impeccably placed and completely even. I love how the snakes are so tangled and spiraled at the same time. This artist does some work with typography so I suppose its no surprise that everything is so precise. Designing typography requires incredible attention to detail and very precise measurements so it seems logical that this artist would cross over into both facets of design. This artist does some album designing too and I feel like that kind of work would influence a piece like this. Album art is geared both to be interesting to look at and also to see music so its important that the art draws the viewer in and intrigues them. I feel like that is exactly what this piece does. Additionally, I think the black and white was a good route to take with this piece. The lines and patterns are so intricate that the absence of color allows for an element of simplicity in a piece that is not simple at all.


  1. that is an incredibly trippy piece, its a little hard to draw my eyes away from it

  2. This piece really hurts my eyes. It's amazing that someone was able to draw that. I can hardly look at it longer than five seconds. It is so detailed and fantastically drawn, it's very impressive.

  3. This is a very fun piece to look at, it resembles the work of M. C. Escher.