Monday, March 7, 2011


While browsing I found this picture called "Funfair" in a collection of images on a website. There wasn't any information on it as to who made it, but it caught my eye. That's one reason why I think it works as a good illustration. I think an illustration should catch your eye, pull you in, make you wonder what's going on in the image. What's the story in this moment and who, if there any, is the character and what are they like?

What caught mine was the image of a girl opting to lick a toad over her ice cream and the expression on her face. So there's a narrative here. I like it when an artist can pull off a good expression. it's one thing that I can never quit get. When done correct expression can give an image life and personality. Looking at "Funfair" I get the impression that the girl is curious and mischievous. Another thing that's good is that the artist is aware of the effect lesser details have on a picture, like adding a farris wheel. The image would be completely different without it.


  1. I really like the expressive quality of this piece. The look on the girl is priceless. The overall rendering is okay but it really tends to fall flat in a lot of areas. The detail in the hair, face cone and frog are really nice though and I like that the rest is allowed to kind of blur out.

  2. In case you're interested, I found this in an artist's gallery on CGHub.. the artist's name is Daniela Uhlig.