Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Floyd O.L.J. Butler here. Today we are looking at Batman #577 penciled by Scott Mc Daniel. It is illustrated in a western cartoon style. the period it takes place in is the present sewers or swamps. The technique is comic book style with outlined in black lines that outline the character and his foe. This is for a comic book audience, meant to grab a buyers eye with Batman crouching over while the alligator lurks behind him. Scott Mc Daniel was commissioned by DC Comics to do this art piece This was the cover for May 2000 of Batman, was meant to bring a consumer in to buy the comic. I think it is a very successful piece, with Batman in dangerous waters with an alligator lurking behind him, it really jumps off the page. Makes me want to read it just to see if Batman gets out alive. It also looks kind of sinister, like Batman seems to not know the alligator is there. If you like Scott Mc Daniel art work check out Nightwing and Batman back issues.


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  2. The artist has a great grasp on shadowing. I love the carefull light usage on the batman's body and the background, really gives a sense of illumination. And the position the artist chose for batman crouched adds suspense and edginess to
    the whole piece. love it. also amazing line work.