Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Steven Pattison

I think this illustration is well done because it is very interesting. It's bursting with color and creativity. I love his color usage. My favorite part of this illustration is the thin blue line that outlines his right and left side of his cheeks. It gives it a nice stylized element. I found the way he portrayed the character very unique. He made the subject into a caricature and that made the illustration fun. The artist's style is really different. He seems like a fast artist who doesn't pay that close attention to detail. I love how he added text too. In this illustration, I am very happy that he incorporated typography into this piece, it really ties it together. The different placements of the type was very smart and well thought out.This illustration is very fun and so are many of his other pieces of work. I really enjoy his paint splotches, it really gives this piece some character. I believe that this artist was just having fun with this piece and it shows.

1 comment:

  1. I love how the words are intermingled in this piece, it works well. The eyes set so far apart is really creepy, but so are all the facial proportions, so I guess it works out. I like the translucencies, but this is never a style I would want to emulate myself. It is simply interesting to look at.