Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Calyn Williams

I chose Calyn Williams because of her interesting style. In "doe" above there is a nice contrast between this dusty decapitated deer figurine and a bloody spider/the surrounding black spatter. Most work like this really attracts me, this especially because the cutesy of the painting does not take over. Nothing is more annoying than a cutesy anime cupcake wielding a smiling blade. This type of art is overdone. To have an actual theme of horror mixed with innocence and decay feels truly original in Calyn's work. I have seen some of this first hand at conventions and the paintings are on the smaller size which seems wildly appropriate for the subject matter. "lambykins" below.You can view her website at


  1. Even though the picture has a cute animal, it's extremely intense. Out coming from it is a bloody spider, something which I would never suspect or even think of. I really like how the gritty boarders of each picture make you focus on the center dead-on.

    Arachnophobia sucks.

  2. I like the juxtaposition between the cuteness and gore. It's an interesting concept to be sure. I also like the borders; they remind me of spray paint, whereas the rest of the composition is much smoother and more painterly.

  3. Well, no chance I'll be getting to sleep tonight. But yes, I do like the countering elements of pleasant cuteness and disturbing and horrific imagery of alien protrusions emerging from them. I can almost seeing this being something an art director would create for a B-Horror movie set.