Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Rodolforever (couldn't find his real name) creates this amazing art deco style of different movie posters/characters in his art piece. I'm a crazy fan, in terms of simplicity, in any art work. To my left shows exactly that. What really caught my eye of this piece is its simplistic gesture of the form of superman. It seems like the artist really dissected superman's figure to its simplest form to the last limit of recognition. The other point i like to add to its clarity is that you can quickly grasp the figures identity, not including the help of superman's iconic logo. The color palate he used in the illustration gives this light and elegant feel to it to give the sense superman is flying far far away, i thought it was a great choice of color that kind of compliment the superman's color clothes. The text he used enhances that deco style feel to the whole piece.


  1. I agree, this poster is definitely inspired by art deco. The sans serif text, centered composition, and simplified forms are all characteristics of that period. If you look closely in the background, the artist used faint angeled lines in the clouds. These accentuate superman's upward movement.

  2. I like the very Deco look to the illustration

  3. This is a really nice piece and I think it really works for superman, though I really that the overall feel for the movie was more 70s then Art Deco. I think this would make a great poster for this “Superman Classic” by Robb Pratt animation promo which is hopefully coming out soon. If you are intersted in the animation that I am refering to here is a link to check it out bellow.