Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Henry Warren week.6

This is an interesting piece that I "stumbledupon" a while back called Sub Emergance. It was posted on by an artist name Conway but not much else is metioned. It looks to me very digital but I really like it. A lot of this piece doesn't really make sense like the fact that the girl seems to be immerisng herself verically and that there isn't really a strong or understanding direction or enviornment, except for the fact that its obviously in water.
The fish are really nice and I love the way they intereact with the subject. I also like the coloring of the piece I think that it gives it the a very muted and serene look. There also, looking at the expression of the girl, seems to be a surrender the fate or surcomstance, which can be increadibly liberating or depressing depending on how you look at it. The one other thing that I can say against it though is that though the fish in the foreground and the rendering of the girl give a stong 3D look to the piece. The black back ground or the fact that nothing falls back makes me at least lose some of the dementionality.

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