Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Carolin Loebbert

I stumbled upon this piece while looking for the name of the illustrator of the google icon today. I found the blog where this was posted and was really drawn to this piece. I feel like it would make a really cool illustration for a children's book. Its kind of like an "Eye Spy" picture that also introduces famous historical figures. I love how the birds make up the eyes and hairline of the figure. I think clever art is all the more captivating and I think this piece is very clever. Its clever but also humorous. I think the pink bird is a comical way to portray a mustache and lips.

Her style is really bold and uses strong lines and color in it. She has a fun, lively style that really engages the viewer. She has a series of different people on whom she uses this style of "animal collage" to construct. I think this technique is a creative way to incorporate nature into the human figure. I also think that if it was just a portrait of someone it wouldn't really cause the viewer to take a very long look whereas this encourages one to pay close attention to detail and really appreciate all of the elements. I don't know why the artist created this piece, however I looked at her website and she has a similar one that was used as an album cover. I kind of doubt this one was a commissioned piece though because the figure looks more historical. Overall most of the elements are flat and lake gradation, although I feel like some of the floral elements seem to have some depth.


  1. amazing artist! i love the design, to me looks like a collage all with different texture applied to it. As a whole it creates a nature theme.

  2. I love this piece. It is so creative and so interesting! The placement of all the animals to make a face is spectacular. It is a wonderful design!

  3. Just so visually interesting! The somewhat flat areas of color are quite playful with one another. Your eye is lead to detail to detail. Although her color palette is more subdued in this piece, I like the way the colors contrast against to white background.