Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Michael Sieben

Michael Sieben is an illustrator based in Austin, Texas. Most of his work is influenced by skateboarding. His stuff can be seen all around the world on products, in prints, and his writings for Thrasher Magazine. Most of his illustrations are flat, with a few selected colors. I really like this look, I think it works the best in print. Most of his drawings and paintings are of animal figures or creatures. They usually look like simple portraits. I think the style is sort of retro, but at the same time I think it also looks comic book-like with the think black edges. Some of his designs are used for skateboards, skateboarding shoes and other products. I think this is awesome that illustrators can cross realms into other markets with their designs.


  1. although the particular image you selected doesn't really make me think of skateboarding at all, i do like it. i'm a sucker for flat coloring.

  2. This is a pretty funny image. I can actually see why this kind of imagery would appeal to skateboarders and whatnot. You can assume that most skateboarders are somewhat potheads or that they at least indulge in the consumption of pot. And not to limit their preference to pot either, in general I think skaters like to get rowdy, whatever the substance. And this bird totally looks inebriated.

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